From I.T. to U.S.

Long time, no blog!

I've been missing, lately. I know. Apart from random posts on Facebook and a few Instagram stories here and there, you'd think I disappeared. However, shortly after finishing my bachelor's degree in information technology, I decided to apply to graduate school at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Yep, aviation. Why? Let me explain.

I.T. was fun, but I never got that deep-research, wow-this-is-so-awesome, oh-my-god-I-can't-wait-to-do-more-digging... feeling... from I.T.. However, I can sit all day and read about the MQ-9 Reaper or the RQ-4 Global Hawk. I laughed uncontrollably watching SpotMini trip over a pile of literal bananas only to then gasp in awe when that bot picked itself up and continued up a flight of stairs. Don't get me started on the capabilities of the Mk 18 Mod 2 Kingfish... I will geek all over this laptop and talk your head off for the rest of the night.

The reason I wanted to go on to grad school is because I didn't feel satisfied after undergrad; I didn't feel like I learned anything that Google couldn't have taught me. I didn't feel like I actually accomplished anything outside of regurgitating papers I read. I wanted more... and I wanted to enjoy it. I have no passion in I.T. But... my love for technology led me to I.T., which then led me to unmanned systems, which is what I am studying at ERAU.

My official program of study is a Master of Science in Unmanned Systems with a concentration in Space Systems - think satellites, drones, that lawnmower that will do the yard work for you. Unmanned systems are just that - electronic systems that combine technology and mechanics to accomplish tasks with very little, or absolutely no, human intervention. Basically, robots that sorta have a mind of their own in super basic terms. My first aviation love will always be the B-17G WWII bomber, but unmanned systems combines my love for aerospace and technology. If you can't tell, I love it. And yes, unmanned systems are on the ground, in the water, in the air, and in space - I love all of it. I just REALLY love the ones in the air and space!

So, I Don't Get I.T. will be getting something of a re-brand. Why? I am currently in a course titled Application of Unmanned Systems that requires we blog about, well... unmanned systems. Lucky for me, I already have this handy-dandy website I created for infotech. I'll just be rolling it over to my new-ish field of study. I guess I'll need to come up with another fun title using U.S. instead of I.T., huh?

Anyway, expect to read more from me in the very near future - it'll be fun, it'll be professional, but most importantly, I'll be extremely excited to write about it, so you can expect posts that are WAY too long!



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