Hey, I'm Leah!

My favorite color is purple, I love running (shoutout to Hogwarts Running Club), I am fluent in sailor and sarcasm, along with having a pretty big mouth.

My favorite place (so far) is a cluster of islands we kayaked to off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.  That was the first time I ever jumped off a cliff and had I been sober, it would never have happened.

If you didn't catch it in the beginning, I am pretty into the Harry Potter fandom and I'm shamelessly proud of it -- I even own Voldemort's wand (the interactive one, of course!).

I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) from American Military University (thank you, G.I. Bill).  I'm not positive which area of I.T. I love the most, so that remains to be seen.

I am also a grateful recipient of the Grow with Google - Udacity Front-End Web Dev Nanodegree scholarship!  Eventually, I'll put those skills to work on my own website, so don't judge me too much!

My future dreams include a reenlistment, getting an MS in IT, and eventually landing a role at NASA.  A girl can dream, right?  In the meantime, I'm learning all I can, traveling when time and budget permits it while supporting my wife and kids to the best of my ability.  My wife is active duty Air Force, so she is the current backbone of the family.

*For the record, basically every image you see on my site was either taken by me or created by me, save for maybe two...and I'd appreciate if you didn't use them.